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Celebrating in the Sun: Marketing Your Florida Rental for the Festive Season

The festive season in Florida offers a unique blend of sunny skies and holiday cheer, making it an attractive destination for those looking to escape the chillier climates. For rental property owners, this time of year presents a golden opportunity to attract holiday travelers. Here are some strategic marketing tips and ideas for unique holiday offers to help your Florida rental stand out and attract more guests during this bustling season.

1. Highlight the Unique Appeal of a Florida Holiday

Your marketing should emphasize the unique appeal of spending the holidays in Florida. Showcase your property basking in the warm, sunny weather, and highlight nearby attractions. Whether it’s a beach within walking distance or a famous holiday event in the area, ensure these features are front and center in your marketing materials.

Example: Use images of your property decked out in holiday decor with a backdrop of palm trees and sunny skies in your online listings and social media posts.

2. Create Festive Packages

I'd like you to please develop special holiday packages that cater to the needs of your guests. This could include tickets to local holiday events, gift certificates to nearby restaurants, or special in-house services like a holiday meal prepared by a local chef.

Example: Offer a “Holiday Beach Escape” package, including rental discounts, beach gear, and a guide to local holiday events.

3. Engage with Guests Through Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for engaging with potential guests. Share posts that capture the essence of a Florida holiday and use hashtags related to holiday travel and Florida vacations to increase visibility.

Example: Post photos or videos of local holiday markets, beachside New Year's fireworks, or your property adorned in festive decor using hashtags like #FloridaHoliday or #SunnyChristmas.

4. Partner with Local Businesses

I'd like you to collaborate with local businesses to create a network of experiences for your guests. This can be a great way to offer unique holiday experiences while supporting the local community.

Example: Partner with a local tour operator to offer discounted holiday-themed tours, such as a boat ride to see the Christmas lights along the coast.

5. Offer Early Booking Incentives

Encourage early bookings by offering incentives. This could be a discount, a free extra night’s stay, or a welcome basket with local products.

Example: “Book by October and receive a 10% discount on your festive stay.”

6. Tailor Your Email Marketing

You can use your email list to send out festive newsletters detailing your holiday offers, local events, and the benefits of spending the season in Florida.

Example: An email titled “Escape the Cold: Unforgettable Florida Holidays Await!” featuring your property and special offers.

7. Decorate and Share

Decorate your rental property with a tasteful Florida holiday theme and share pictures or a virtual tour online. This gives potential guests a glimpse of what they can expect during their holiday stay.

Example: Showcase a Christmas tree decorated with seashells and starfish or a patio dinner setup under a string of lights.

8. Encourage and Share Guest Reviews

Positive reviews from previous guests during the holiday season can be a powerful marketing tool. Could you encourage guests to leave reviews and share these on your website and social media channels?

Example: Share a guest review highlighting their exceptional holiday experience at your property.

9. Update Your Online Listings

Please develop special holiday packages catering to your guests' needs. Online listings are updated to reflect your holiday offerings, availability, and special rates or packages.

Example: Update your Airbnb or VRBO listing with a title like “Sunny Holiday Retreat - Special Festive Offer!”


Marketing your Florida rental for the festive season is about showcasing the unique joy of a holiday spent in the sun and warmth. Creating enticing offers, engaging with potential guests online, and partnering with local businesses can attract more holiday travelers and fill your booking calendar. Let your property shine as a beacon for those seeking a sunny, memorable holiday escape!


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