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Post-Holiday Boom: Capitalizing on Short-Term Rental Demand

December 26th marks the beginning of an often-overlooked yet potentially lucrative period for short-term rental owners. As the holiday season winds down, many families and individuals seek to extend their vacations, offering a unique opportunity for rental property owners to capitalize on this post-holiday travel surge. Here’s how to maximize your rental’s appeal and revenue during this time.

Welcoming Front Porch of Vacation Rental: This image showcases a welcoming front porch of a vacation rental home, decorated for winter. It features a festive wreath, outdoor lights, and a welcoming sign that reads 'Welcome to Your Cozy Getaway', perfectly capturing the inviting essence of a winter getaway.

1. Understand Your Post-Holiday Audience

The post-holiday period typically sees two types of travelers: families extending their holiday vacations and individuals taking advantage of the time off work. Understanding the needs and preferences of these groups is crucial. Families may look for kid-friendly amenities, while individuals might seek a peaceful retreat.

Action Step: Tailor your rental to cater to these audiences. Ensure your listings highlight family-friendly features or peaceful, relaxing environments for solo travelers.

2. Offer Special Post-Holiday Deals

After the expense of the holiday season, travelers are often attracted to special offers. Consider offering a post-holiday discount or package deal to entice guests.

Example: Promote a “Post-Holiday Relaxation Package” with discounted rates, a complimentary bottle of wine, or a late check-out option.

3. Leverage Online Marketing

Use your social media platforms and email marketing to promote your post-holiday availability. Highlight the unique benefits of staying at your property during this period.

Social Media Tip: Share photos of your cozy, decorated rental or create posts about local post-holiday events and attractions.

4. Focus on Cozy Amenities

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your rental. This can be particularly appealing when guests are looking for a cozy getaway in the winter.

Ideas: Provide extra blankets, a well-stocked bookshelf, or a guide to local indoor attractions like museums or theaters.

5. Partner with Local Businesses

Could you collaborate with local businesses to offer guests unique experiences? This could include discounts at nearby restaurants, tickets to local attractions, or exclusive tours.

Partnership Example: Work with a local spa to offer special rates for your guests, promoting relaxation after the bustling holiday season.

6. Highlight Local Winter Activities

If your rental is in an area with winter attractions, could you highlight these in your listing? Ski resorts, winter hiking trails, or local winter festivals can be significant draws.

Listing Tip: Update your rental description and photos to include nearby winter activities and seasonal scenery.

7. Provide Exceptional Service

Exceptional guest service can lead to positive reviews and repeat bookings. Ensure that your property is impeccably clean, and consider offering personalized touches like a welcome note or a small gift upon arrival.

Guest Experience: Personalized recommendations for post-holiday activities or dining options can make guests feel taken care of and appreciated.

Cozy Short-Term Rental Living Room: This image features a cozy and inviting living room in a short-term rental, beautifully decorated for the post-holiday season. It includes comfortable seating, warm lighting, a bookshelf stocked with books, and winter-themed decor, creating an ideal setting for guests looking to extend their holiday vacation.


The period following December 25th offers a unique opportunity for short-term rental owners to attract guests looking to extend their holiday joy. You can capitalize on the post-holiday travel surge by understanding your audience, offering special deals, focusing on cozy amenities, and providing excellent service. Embrace this time to maximize your rental’s potential and start the new year on a prosperous note.


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